We're a group of Western Washington University students traveling to Tanzania to ask big questions about geography, nature, and culture.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Two weeks until departure!

We are just two weeks away from departure (August 4) and while that may sound like a long time to some it will be upon us before we know it!

One of the things I encourage students to do in preparation is to start packing now to avoid some of the headaches of last minute packing and shopping. Three weeks in Tanzania is intimidating to some but the bottom line is that we figure out a way to make things work no matter what we've forgotten.

It's also time to pack our second checked bags as we have a two-bag allowance. The second bags are full of items we're donating to Kilimanjaro Porters' Assistance Project (KPAP) and Make a Difference Now!

If you would like to donate some items we'd welcome your participation; please contact me for a detailed list of items we're seeking for Make a Difference Now. 

For KPAP, any outdoor clothing that is still functional is welcome to clothe porters on the mountain, from old ski hats and gloves to long underwear to jackets. 

I'll do my best to figure out a time & place to meet you to pick it up so we can take it to Tanzania with us and put it to great use!

Asante sana (many thanks),
Tim and the rest of the WWU Tanzanian Environments group

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