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Sunday, August 19, 2012

In Serengeti

We awoke early this morning and got right on the road from Wasso to Klein's Entrance to the northern Serengeti. Things went great! We were inside the park by 10 AM and saw a ton of game by noon.

We are at our campsite now (I had a bit of a surprise for the students as we are staying at a much nicer camp for two nights than in the rest of our itinerary) resting during the heat of the day. We will leave soon for an afternoon game drive.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.

On the 16th we took a walk to the shores of Lake Manyara, where flocks of flamingos (both lesser and greater) were abundant offshore:

 The morning of the 17th started with a walk to the shores of Lake Natron, here Ol Doinyo Lengai serves as a backdrop to our walk:

That afternoon we took a walk from Engaresero village up a narrow gorge to a series of waterfalls. Our Maasai guides were extremely helpful in getting us through the deep water and steep rock sections.

Finally in the Serengeti, getting up close with the wildlife. See if you can spot the elephant in this picture:

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