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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Serengeti: Lions, lions, lions

We had a bumper crop of lions this morning in the Serengeti, including seeing a female lion chase and kill an immature gazelle and then bring it to her cubs. After even more lion viewing we left the Serengeti via Nabi Hill and stopped at Oldupai (not Olduvai as frequently misspelled) Gorge before arriving at Ngorongoro Crater. We are camped on the cold hard ground once more but we did get out for a final goodbye dinner at Serena Safari Lodge, a posh place on the crater rim.

Tomorrow we leave early for a game drive in the famous crater and then leave immediately after lunch to make it to the airport where most of our group will fly back home.

Too soon, too soon! But our memories will endure...

Momma bringing home the bacon (gazelle bacon, in this case)

Just traveling along with the pride...

A posh meal for our final  night together

The Milky Way shines brightly overhead from Simba Camp on Ngorongoro Crater rim

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