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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A brief visit to Upendo orphanage

This morning we took a side trip on our move back into the center of Moshi to visit the Upendo Children's Home, a well-run orphanage mostly for children under 3 years of age; the youngest was a few weeks old. There are several older children with disabilities so great that the orphanage cannot find a family or program to accept them. 

The main point of our visit was to learn about the orphanage and play with the children. Historically children have been orphaned by both parents dying from disease but the orphanage now also rears children who have been abandoned by their mothers. We were told there are around 60 children at the orphanage right now. We brought several tins of infant formula to donate, as it's expensive in Tanzania and essential to the health of the youngest there. 

A group of toddlers was playing in the yard. The children are quite used to visitors and many will run up to you with arms raised, hoping to be held. Unfortunately at this age the children didn't really understand that we had to go and there were a few tears from two boys who didn't want to be put down and go inside for lunch. 





Brad and Allison

Two more: 

It made me miss my own little girl of about the same age. Here is a shot taken of her at the beach today, 9,100 miles away: 

Still reading? We spent the rest of the day chasing some loose ends for our geography projects and doing a bit of shopping. Tomorrow is our last full day in Moshi before we start our safari, departing early Friday morning! 

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