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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kwaheri Tanzania/Goodbye Tanzania

Our group is back in Moshi after an early morning start to Ngorongoro crater and a long and tiring drive afterwards. The general mood from our group in the crater was one of anticlimax, as we had some amazing animal sightings in Serengeti and things were cool and quiet in the crater today. However, looking at the photos from the day shows how exciting the previous days had been--we saw a good variety of interesting animals. What was probably missing the most was that the predators were mostly at rest and relatively far away from all but the longest of our camera lenses.

Rosemary, Brad, and Elizabeth brave the cold early morning temperatures of the crater rim to pop the top for the view of the caldera:

Male wildebeest engaging in territorial advertising and confrontation:

A Grey Crowned Crane:

A lone hyena considers whether he really wants to cross this particular patch of the crater floor, as

It's being surveilled by a particularly imposing force:

Rosemary managed to catch this shot of a lion cub taking a break from nursing:

And the parting shot goes to the under-appreciated wildebeest, also known as gnu:

Goodbye for now! Thanks for following along on our adventures and learning...more to come about what the students learned and wrote while preparing for and traveling in Tanzania.

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  1. You guys have no idea how much we looked forward to your updates; they have been lovely... We will miss them terribly.


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