We're a group of Western Washington University students traveling to Tanzania to ask big questions about geography, nature, and culture.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Making a Difference Now at Kilimanjaro

We had a slow start to the day but by afternoon were on the way to Himo, home of the Kilimanjaro Kids Care house. 

After visiting the school a number of the students attend (but currently on break)

we did some formal introductions 

And then broke into small groups to work on math problems with the students, which they were skilled at and we found ourselves to be a little rusty on in some areas! 


  1. Great pics! Thank you for all your help! It is so nice to have you at our orphanage! Theresa

  2. Tim is back!! Very cool pics, wish I was there this year to show you around.

  3. These updates are greatly appreciated here. We are sorta traveling vicariously.


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