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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Missing day update-August 17 at Lake Manyara

Oops! In my hurry to post updates I managed to miss most of our day that started at Lake Manyara--I had switched memory cards so I didn't think to go back and look for other photos.

We starting the morning with a walk to Lake Manyara, an alkaline (salty) lake in the Eastern Rift Valley. 

Here the crew prepares to set sail in a dugout boat used by local fishermen:

Lesser Flamingos are common at the lakeshore: 

A fisherman shows off some of his catch of tilapia and catfish:

After the lakeshore we visited the town of Mto wa Mbu (literally "Mosquito River" and had a chance to see some local artists at their craft. Here a man creates banana-leaf mosaic art:

Finally we had a chance to tour a Masai boma. Here are the fourteen children and grandchildren (by seven wives) of the ligwanan (chief) of the boma.

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