We're a group of Western Washington University students traveling to Tanzania to ask big questions about geography, nature, and culture.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

On our way

Everyone who is supposed to be here is here, on time and waiting for our flight. We'll catch up with Rosemary and Ariane at Amsterdam Schiphol airport before continuing on our direct flight to Kilimanjaro International. It's an almost 10 hour and then 8-1/2 hour flight with a short layover in between, so we're traveling close to a full 24-hour day before arriving in Kilimanjaro; of course counting travel time door-to-door many of us will be facing upwards of 30 hours of travel!

A few of our group, still smiling at the beginning of the journey

My lovely family came to the airport to say goodbye--I'll miss them terribly and hats off to my amazing wife who will care for the kids by herself for three weeks!

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